Classy Creations:
by~ Barrie




Coral Springs, FL, USA

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Welcome to Classy Creations: By~Barrie

Here you will find beautiful handcrafted fringed fleece, various themed blankets   for both humans & canines, embossed greeting cards of various themes & custom greeting cards created with your name and/or your with family pet's name.

Our creations make beautiful, personalized gifts for all occasions at fabulous prices!

You will not find my handcrafted fringed fleece blankets in any store!      

You will not find my handcrafted embossed greeting cards in any stores!

                    Wow !!!!!!!!!

These vibrant colored handcrafted embroidered purses are a must have!

Check out these Money Purse. It has a zipper & a key ring. You can attach your keys to this adorable money purse.

It is fabulous & useful because you now have a place to safely store your loose coins, bills and even credit cards. Additionally, if you are like me and carry a large handbag, you will easily be able to find your items that you would ordinarily toss to the bottom of your bag & have difficulty finding.


Many of my customers have written stating that these novelty item purses make wonderful party favors! Truly a fabulous gift for all occasions! You will also not find any of these any where. and so much more.

You can also buy amazing Beautiful breathtaking Photography at this online store that you can not get any where else.

Everyone out there can buy so much other great stuff at my site. And so much more.


Hello everyone out there. It is almost the holidays it is coming around the corner very soon. So please stop by and get all your holiday gifts here.

You can also come here year round and get gifts for all special occasions for all of your friends and love one here. Thanks.


Creating objects you'll love straight from my heart. - Barrie